Freedom APK c2.0.8 LATEST 2017 App [Direct Download Link]*

Freedom APK is an app which is being used on very high scale in android mobiles as a fake credit paying app for games. So, let us know more about freedom how it works , from where you can get this app , its benefits and much more.

Are you very fond of gaming ???

If yes , then you are on right place you like to play different levels, wants to unlock them quickly but wait you are facing a problem of getting coins or pennies for unlocking more levels, characters, surfing boards, lives etc.

The main problem is from where will you get the money for unlocking and increasing your game fun. You will definitely do not like to spend your hard earned income on these stuffs but still you want to play more and more. For solving your problem we have a new app in market which is called freedom app. This app is used to unlock various paid features present in your game.

Now, the question that strikes in your mind is how will an app going to help you in unlocking such features which needed money for there installation? You are thinking that it might be an app which you need to purchase. But trust me you are not going to pay even a single rupee for getting this app and it will definitely unlock your desired characters and feature of games without even asking any money from you. Are you excited to get this app I will tell you how descargar freedom APK and install this app in this article.

You can use freedom app on both android Freedom as well as apple ios. This app has inbuilt fake credit card system which pretends as a real credit card to google play store. Freedom app misguides google play with this fake credit card system that it is paying for unlocking the feature, but in reality it doesn’t have any stored amount in it. With help of this it becomes easy for you to unlock several levels and tasks of your favorite game without any worry and expenditure.

Freedom app runs on the device without any bug and problem. As freedom app regularly gets updated with new features to fix these bugs and problems if any persist for making the app easy and covinient for the users. This app provides you the full access and control over the whole app and game. It comes in all of your control.

As the freedom app is not a legal app so you will not be able to find it on google play store. For downloading this app you need to look over for other outside sources which provide download link of freedom app free of cost. You need not to worry as there is no risk in downloading it from outside sources. Many users are safely using this app and are getting benefits regularly.
So, what are you waiting for download it now.

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Important points to remember

  • This app is not available on google play store.
  • You need your android device to be rooted before downloading freedom.
  • You should terminate your all background tasks before downloading freedom APK
  • Remove previously stored credit card details from google play.

Note : It is necessary to root your android device before downloading the freedom app. If in case you fails in rooting your android device then you will not be able to install this application to your system. So, if you have no idea about rooting then search through the internet for rooting procedure and follow the instructions or you can also follow the link provided below to root your android device.

Compatibility requirements for freedom APK

  • Your android device should have android version above then v2.3
  • Rooting of android device is mandatory.
  • At least 512 Mb of RAM is required for installation.
  • There must be 100 Mb of internal storage or ROM present on your device.

How to root your android device

Step – 1 First of all you need to search for the Freedom Apk XDA forum of your android device.

Step – 2 You should know a little bit about the android SDK ( software development kit ) and ADB ( Android Debug Bridge )
ADB is the major tool in rooting an android device from a mac.

Step – 3 You can root your device with the help of some rooting programs and softwares like towel root or frama root, for rooting older versions 4.4 and below.

Rooting allows you to get more access over your device’s operating system. As there are different versions and varieties in android the rooting system vary with them.

For rooting your android device first of all you need to install the compatible software to your android device. One thing to remember is to backup your data before rooting.

Rooting android device by using various software.

By using kingroot

  • Kingoroot is designed to work with window PC.
  • It roots your device in just a single click it is the best software used for rooting android device.

Step 1 : Go to mobile setting.

Step 2 : Then scroll down and at bottom you will find a folder named as about phone. Click to open this foledr.

Step 3 : Now click 7 times on the options built number which you can see on the screen on it to open.

Step 5 : Here you will find an option of USB debugging. Click on it to allow.

Step 6 : Now install and download kingoroot to your pc or laptop.

Step 7 : After installing open the kingoroot app on your pc.

Step 8 : Connect your android device to this application or it will get connected automatically.

Step 9 : After establishing a connection you will see the root button at your mobile screen

Step 10 : Click on that root button and your device will get rooted.

( If you do not have pre installed driver required for kingroot then it will download it for you by it self)

Freedom APK Download for Android

 As you are aware you will not be going to find this app on google play store. For downloading you have to go through other online sources for this app.

You can also follow the below link provided to latest freedom link:

NOTE : It works with all latest versions like lolipop , marshmallow and nougat. So, need not to worry about android version.

You can download Freedom APK Latest Version by following given steps:

STEP – 1 : Root your android device as rooting not only default the configuration it works more than that.

STEP – 2 : Download the APK file of freedom app from the link provided.

Click on the download button.

If you are downloading freedom apk in your computer or laptop then, look for the download section and transfer the downloaded apk to your mobile device.

STEP – 3 : Look for the download section that download has begin.

STEP – 4 : Check that download has successfully completed.


STEPS for installation of freedom APK ( in android devices )

Note : As we all know that Android devices ask for permission before installing any new file so our first step will be to allow access for a new file installation.Let us know how to do this.

Step – 1 Go through the mobile phone setting icon present in your apps section.

Step – 2 Now go to the security section in settings. Tap it to get open.

Step : 3 Now look for the option unknown sources ss you have to make it accessible. After finding it click on the corner side to make it allow.

Step – 4 A pop will appear in front of you asking for your permission you need to provide it permission click on the ok button.

Step – 5 Now it will get allowed and you are free to install any of the new app to your device ( without allowing you will not be able to install this app.

Step – 6 Now go to the download section where your file is stored or where you transferred you file and tap it to open.

Step – 7 After opening it you will show a window opened asking for install written at the bottom corner of the screen. Now click on the install button.

Step – 8 Now your installation of freedom app will get started wait till the loading of installation gets completed.

Step – 9 Finally you will see a window opening saying that your device has been installed.

So finally you have successfully Freedom APK free download to your device. You will get a freedom app icon at top of your mobile screen for opening it tap on the freedom icon.

What to do with no connection errors ???

It is an issue which sometimes persist in front of the user that when they open the google play store after installing freedom apk the google play shows no connection error. But do not get worried we have the solution for that problem too. Let us now fix this problem or error which is stopping you in your work as an obstacle.

For solving this problem follow the instructions given below:

Step – 1 First of all you need to download and install a file explorer like ES file explorer or any other. You can download it by using web or 9 apps.

Step – 2 After successful installation, open the app and look for the “system” folder in file explorer.

Step – 3 Tap on system to open it. Go through it and search for “etc” section.

Step – 4 In “etc” folder there will be an another file named as “ hosts file” which need to be edited. Tap to open this hosts file.

Step – 5 For doing edition to this file you need to copy the code which is “ local host” type this code in the hosts file.

Step – 6 Now save the file to this folder.

Step – 7 Now , in the next step open the setting icon of phone and search for the application manager. After finding it click on application manager to open it.

Step – 8 In application manager search for the google play store folder. Tap to open the folder and clear all data of this app.

You will found clear data option at mid right side corner of the screen just above clear cache when you open the google play store folder in application manager.

Step – 9 After doing all these activitites last and final step is to reboot / restart your device.

How to Reboot / Restart your android device

Step : 1 Long press the power button of your device. You will see a screen appears showing several options.

Step : 2 In these options you will find an option saying reboot / restart.

Step : 3 Click on this option and your device will get reboot. Wait till your device gets power off and on by itself.

In case if you don’t find this option on your screen then do not worry we have another option of rebooting your device.

  • Remove the battery, sim card and sd card of your device ( make sure when you are removing the battery you should not power off your device do this task when your device is power on it gets off by itself afetr removing the battery).
  • Wait for 10-20 seconds.
  • Put the battery, sim card and sd card back in your device.
  • Now power on your phone. Your phone has been rebooted successfully.
  • These instructions were for how to download and install freedom apk at android devices. As we know that it works for both android and ios. Let us know how we can get freedom apk at apple ios.

How to install freedom APK to apple IOS

  • Freedom app is compatible wiAppleple IOS too woithout any jailbreak issue.
  • The uses and features of freedom app on ios devices are same as on android devices like

– you can get free access to your favorite games and apps

– you can unlock levels and paid services of you game without even actually paying anything.

STEPS for installation

Step – 1 Download the apk file of freedom app from the official sites which provide the download link.

Step – 2 In apple ios you need to generate a reciept to continue you installation of apps.

Step – 3 Go to the app setting in your apple device and the disable the option of custom receipts.

( NOTE – You needn’t to log out your apple id for any of the steps you can perform all steps even when you are logged in to device with your apple id )
Step – 4 Now , next step depends on your choice. Go to the store and try to buy anything which is cheaper or do not need to spent much amount. Click on the buy button , during this process you will get a pop up on screen, tap cancel on your buying procedure when see the pop up window on screen. From now on wards you will be able to purchase anything free of cost which comes under this app from your apple device. Isn’t it interesting , right.

So have you completed the downloading and installation session of your freedom app.

Guidance for using freedom app

  • After installing freedom app click on the freedom icon present at your mobile screen to open the file.
  • When it gets open , you will see a list getting open which include names of all applications and games that are already installed to your device in front of you.
  • Click any of the application which you wanted to make it run.
  • Now run your desired game app in which you wanted to make purchases or access over the game.
  • When you run the app and click on the purchasing option it will get open in the google play store, now you will see that instead of your previously stored credit card name it is showing name as free card. This is the proof that your freedom app is working properly and you are ready to make your first purchase.
  • As you are able to make purchases of your interests then what are you waiting for start your purchases as many as you wanted without any tension or problem.

Features and applications of Freedom app

  • Freedom app makes you access to buy coins, characters, lives, diamonds, equipment, surfing boards etc of your favorite game.
  • This app allows you to unlock all those paid levels which you desires to play in your favorite game.
  • It have make in app purchases.
  • This app gives you a full access and control over the android app or game present in your android device.
  • This app will save your hard earned money which you will expend before installing this app.
  • This app will multiply the pleasure and interest of playing your game without any problem.

Information about freedom APK 2017

Name of app Freedom
Developer Freedom  team
Size of app 1.7Mb
Stable version of this app v2.3.0


Some popular games which are supported by freedom app

* Candy crush saga

* Temple run

* Subway surfer

* Bike racing

* Clash of clanes

* Car racing

* Piano master

* Zombies

* Danger dash

* Angry birds

* Asphalt series ( 6 , 7 , 8 , nitro )

* Hill climbing

* Talking tom

Download free Available versions of freedom APK

* Freedom version – 1.8.1

* Freedom version – 1.6.6

* Freedom version – 1.0.8b

* Freedom version – 1.0.7a

* Freedom version – 1.0.7d

* Freedom version – 1.0.7

* Freedom version – 1.0.7h

* Freedom version – 1.0.6

  • After researching over several apps like as of freedom, it has been concluded that freedom is best ever app which is working awesome with positive ratings and feedback without any bugs and problems for users.
  • This app is easy and safe to use.
  • This is the best ever developed application in the market for lovers of game to get access over new and various unlocked levels of your favorite game.
  • The best part of this app is that it is free of cost & compatible with both apple and android devices.
  • As the developers of freedom app, Android are continuously updating this app with new updates , features, benefits and specifications for the users . So, always be up to date and be with us for better updates.

Hope you will got all of your doubts clear and get all of the informations that are needed by you. Is this article helpful to you give you feedback to let us know?

How to Free download Freedom APK for Android 

Frequently Asked Questions


Ques 1: Will it be possible to run freedom app without rooting the android device?

Ans : No, you can not install freedom app to your android device without rooting it as this application requires rootr permission to work or run. You can also root your device with the help of some rooting softwares like framaroot , towelroot , kingoroot etc.


Ques 2 : Are there any other app which can be used instead of freedoms ?

Ans : Yes , there are many other apps which provide the same facility and features to you. Some of these apps are cheat engine , Freedom APK hack, creep hacker , leo play cards etc. But researches has proved that freedom app is best ever app which is trustable and used for these make in purchases. It is working properly and efficiently.


Ques 3: Is there any danger in installing freedom APK?

Ans : No, this app doesn’t harm your device by any means. The only thing you should make sure is to download the application from authenticated sources.


Ques 4: What are the basic requirements for downloading and installing freedom app?

Ans : The basic requirements are-

  • Your mobile device should be connected with internet connection.
  • It must be of android version 2.3 and above.
  • Your device should be rooted first, without rooting you can not install the freedom app.
  • Reading and writing of files should be accessible.
  • Download it only from verified sources.
  • Terminate all of the background application opened in your mobile device.

Ques 5: Do I need to pay any charge for getting services of freedom app?

Ans : No, you do not need to spend even a single penny for this application. It is totally free of cost to you with pre installed fake credit card.


Ques 6: Which is the latest version of freedom APK?

Ans : The latest version of version freedom APK 2.0.8 (2017)


Ques 7: From where do I get freedom app for downloading?

Ans : This app violates the policies of google play store that is why it is not available on google play store , but you can download this app from other online sources and official website which are available on internet or you can follow the link provided in this article to download the app.


Ques 8: I want to use Freecore in freedom APK, will it be safe to use?

Ans : Function of freecore is to anable RSA verification in your device. It means that purchasing will always be trie and never be declined, freecore is used to make your purchase verified.

This freecore feature has inbuilt two more features named as softcore and hardcore.

Softcore: It is safe to use as it doesn’t create much changes to the system of your android device.

Hardcore: It creates in depth of changes in hardware of the system of your device which can affect the performance of your device.

So , according to me it will not be good and safe to use this feature as it requires a lot of care to handle. So, use it at your own risk but try to avoid the use of free core with freedom app.


Ques 9: Some of the tweaks are not working in freedom app why?

Ans: Don’t get worried about it. It is not a big issue when you are doing some of your important work then your inbuilt software does not allow freedom to work over popular tweaks.


Ques 10: Is freedom only available on Android devices?

Ans : No, freedom app is not only available or accessible with android devices you can easily get it for iphones, ipad, windows etc.


Ques 11: Is it important to terminate the background tasks?

Ans : Yes, it is very necessary to terminate your background tasks as rooting and installation can make several changes to your device and background tasks will become an obstacle for freedom. So , it becomes important to terminate background tasks.


Ques 12: How can I make the purchase by using freedom app?

Ans : First of all you need to download and install the freedom app to your mobile device . After that open the particular app or game in which you want to make the purchase by using freedom app. Now, click at the buy button substituted with a article or character, it will let you to the google play store where you have your pre installed freedom credit card which will make your purchase to be completed. Now , click at the buy now button and freedom app will automatically pay the money for your purchase and you will get your desired character, life , level to be unlocked.


Ques 13: Will I be able to unlock various designer cars available in asphalt nitro?

Ans : yes definitely, you are able to purchase or unlock those cars with help of freedom app.


Ques 14: Does freedom app help me in unlocking next level or episodes of candy crush saga?

Ans: Yes surely, You can get unlocked your next episode without playing or without expending any money over it. Not only you are able to unlock the next episode even you will be able to get more lives and boosters when you run out of lives and boosters.


Ques 15: How can I get my device to be rooted will it create any harm to my device?

Ans : No, rooting does not create any serious harm to your device or system. You can root your device safely by using the above mentioned link and steps provided in this article for your help.


Ques 16: I heard that freedom app drains a lot of battery and creates a hanging problem is it so?

Ans : No we haven’t got such type of complaints from our users. The hanging of system depends on the availability of RAM in your device. The battery performance is also dependable on the performance of your device’s battery and its mAH.


Ques 17: Does freedom app can be installed on every device?

Ans : Yes you can install freedom app to all of the device which have versions above then 2.3. The installation of freedom app does not depends over the device model.


Ques 18: What freedom app actually does?

Ans : Freedom app has pre installed fake credit card which actually doesn’t have any money load, but this app manages to mislead the google play by paying this fake money and the google play thoughts that they receives an actual money and you got your favorite features to be unlocked without any problem.


Ques 19: Does this app works online or offline?

Ans : This app works in both conditions online and offline but at the time of making purchases be sure that you are connected with internet.